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C & C Coin and Stamp Services in Phoenix, AZ

At C and C Coin and Stamp in Phoenix, AZ, we provide services for a variety of rare valuables and collectibles. Whether you are buying or selling an item, one of our professional and friendly staff members will answer your questions and concerns regarding its value.


We can sort through your collection and give you an honest estimate of each item's monetary value. We handle ancient coins, early copper coins, half dollars, 20-cent pieces, foreign coins, and more.


The market for paper money is very large and encompasses all current and extinct countries, including:

  • Federal Reserve notes
  • Colonial paper
  • Confederate paper
  • Error currency notes
  • Foreign currency
  • Gold certificates
  • Silver certificates

Precious Metals

Valuable metals can be found in a variety of items including, coins, jewelry and flatware. We also sell and buy scraps of precious metals.


All facets of a piece of jewelry are considered when its value is being appraised, including whether it contains precious metals like gold and silver or loose or secured gemstones. We'll appraise pocket watches, necklaces, heirloom jewels and most other jewelry.


Whether you are buying or selling stamps, keep in mind that the values of stamp collections are not fixed. The price is primarily based on the appraisal of the most valuable stamps in the collection or the stamps that are most sought after by dealers and collectors. Stamps we see often include:
  • Mint and used singles
  • Plate number coils
  • Commemorative panels
  • Error stamps
  • Covers
  • Mint sets and sheets
  • Foreign and domestic classics
  • Postcards