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Sell Your Gold, Coins and other Valuables in Phoenix, AZ

If you are looking to get the best possible price for a rare and unique item, look no further than C and C Coin and Stamp in Phoenix, AZ. We will thoroughly evaluate your items and offer you fair and competitive pricing.

We are always looking for more items to stock our inventory. Regardless of the quantity, if you have stamps, coins or other valuables that you want to sell, stop by our store to see what we can offer. It doesn't matter if the items you want to sell include scrap pieces of precious metals, broken jewelry or loose gemstones, you can expect to receive friendly service and honest prices.

How We Evaluate

Our business provides a free evaluation of the items you want to sell. We when evaluate items that contain precious metals like gold, silver or platinum, we consider important factors, such as:
  • the condition of the item
  • its collectability
  • current market prices or resale value

Determining the weight and purity of the metal can be as simple locating and identifying the stamp on a piece of jewelry. If no such mark is available, we will use other methods to determine the metal content. We make sure to carefully examine the entire item, taking note of any other valuable materials, such as gemstones. Our staff will show you the weight of your item and explain exactly how the price was calculated. If we decide to purchase your item, we will make an offer without pressuring you to sell anything.

A number of factors contribute to the value of stamps and postcards. While the condition, the number that were issued, and the age of the item is considered, the collectible value is often relative to the current demand when the collectible stamps or postcards are bought or sold.

The most important factor when considering the value of paper currency is the condition of the note and its rarity. Limited supply often indicates a high degree of collect-ability.